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About this Wine Journal
I love wine, and I love information about wine. I was having a hard time keeping track of what I liked and didn't like, so I thought that starting a wine journal would be a good idea. Bad thing is, I can't read my own handwriting most of the time. Good thing is, I type pretty quickly. Anyways, I prefer the internet as a way of keeping and remembering my wine tasting notes so that I can access them from wherever I am.

Now if you're looking for expert advice about wine tasting, this is probably not the place for you. I am definitely not an expert on wine - these are simply my personal wine tasting notes. Most wines described are in the $10 - $30 range and were purchased for personal everyday enjoyment. But definitely, definitely let me know if you need a recommendation based on my palate - I'd be happy to attempt to recommend something affordable!

Contact Info
E-mail me at sassywinebelly@gmail.com.

Wine Samples
Wine samples are accepted, and will be noted as such in my tasting notes.