Sunday, June 25, 2017

Shabu - Restaurant Review

Shabu on Anderson Lane in Austin used to be a restaurant I visited regularly. They serve handmade noodles that are just fantastic!


The owners sold it last year and that was definitely reflected in the menu tonight. First of all, the wine menu lacked any Pinot Noirs, which are great for pairing with Asian fusion cuisine. I asked anyways to see if they might have any in stock and they did - the Lyric PN 2015 from Santa Barbara for $20 a bottle. It was dark and chocolaty (heavier than most Pinot Noirs) and went well with my food.

The Red Chili Wontons (at the top of the photo) were still on the appetizer menu, and the price has increased a dollar or two - it's now the same price as an entree ($10.50). It's still my very favorite item on the menus, although they've changed the filling. The wrappers are freshly-made and so tender, and the chili and peanut sauce is spectacular! I might just order this and a veggie during my next visit...

The Spicy BBQ Pork Ramen (at the bottom of the photo) was new on the menu ($10.50). It was okay, but the pork tasted boiled and not barbecued, and it contained quite a few veins of fat. I was also disappointed at the balance of ingredients and flavors in the soup - way too many red chili flakes, and not enough mushrooms. The broth was very thin (and broth has never been their strong point) but the noodles didn't disappoint.

I'll go back to Shabu but I'll order a different main course next time.

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