Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Olea Hotel, Glen Ellen, CA - Hotel Review

I found the Olea Hotel in Glen Ellen, CA on It was highly rated for its decor, cleanliness, and gourmet breakfast (which is included in the price of your stay).

I booked directly through the hotel's website and got the Upper Cottage (Unit 10) at the price of $379 per night (the average price per night based on our four night stay that included a Friday and Saturday night). The Upper Cottage and the neighboring Lower Cottage (Unit 9) have no shared walls with other units. All of the other units share a wall with another room. - Olea Hotel Outdoor Areas - Olea Hotel Outdoor Areas
Outdoor Areas
The grounds are absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Guests have several choices of outdoor seating areas in which to relax and enjoy the great weather and each other. - Olea Hotel Free Wine Every Evening
Free Wine Every Evening in the Lobby
Upon arrival at the hotel's lobby, you're greeted by a friendly face and (in the afternoons and evenings) your choice of a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir. These wines are available for free in the lobby until the office closes at 9pm each night. The Pinot Noir was quite nice! - Olea Hotel Path to Cottages
Winding Path to Cottages
This was the winding path that led to the Lower and Upper Cottages. The cottages are actually located closer to the street than the rest of the units, but it's not a very busy street so that was no problem at all. There are tons of trees lining the path, some of which look like apple trees. - Olea Hotel Upper Cottage Exterior
Upper Cottage Exterior
This was our home away from home for our visit. It was compact but very cute and cozy. Apparently the entire property was purchased and remodeled by its current owner about five years ago. - Olea Hotel Upper Cottage Interior
Upper Cottage Interior
The cottage consisted of a bedroom, bathroom, and closet. It featured a fireplace (so perfect for the slightly chilly evenings and mornings) and all of the amenities you could ask for except for a phone. Cellular service in this area is spotty, so I wasn't able to actually talk with the receptionist in the office by calling on my cell phone - I simply walked over to ask my questions.

The free wifi that the hotel provides is lackluster and kept dropping out. Unit 12 is right under the office so it might have better wifi than our little cottage. We ended up using a ton of data and had to purchase more before the end of our trip. - Olea Hotel Free Snacks and Refillable Water Bottle
Free Snacks and Refillable Water Bottle
The Olea Hotel provides free snacks (no minibar fees!) and a refillable glass water bottle. The hotel lobby/office has a great filtered water cooler that we used to refill this bottle (and our two personal water bottles) everyday. They also lend you two Govino cups that you can use anywhere on the property, including the hot tub right outside the cottages. - Olea Hotel Glass Vanity/Sink
Glass Vanity/Sink
I've never seen or used a completely clear glass vanity before. It was interesting - very pretty to begin with, but dotted with water spots within a few hours. Love to use one of these, but wouldn't want to have to clean one on a regular basis. - Olea Hotel Fireplace
Upper Cottage Fireplace
I can't say enough about this gorgeous fireplace! It really added to the ambience of the cottage!

I'll be reviewing the gourmet breakfasts in subsequent posts - they truly deserve reviews unto themselves!

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