Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sway - Restaurant Review

Sway is such a nice restaurant!

We usually go as a couple and thus don't have to contend with the community dining tables, which aren't my favorite. However, I love sitting at the counter and watching the chefs do their thing in the kitchen. These were our seats at the counter the last time we dined there.

They look straight into the bustling kitchen.

To start I ordered a glass of the Louis de Grenelle Brut Rosé from the Loire Valley, France ($13 a glass, $52 a bottle). It was lovely, and I knew it would be great with anything from the menu.

We ordered all of our dishes at once. The first one to come out was the Salt and Pepper Softshell Crab ($17), which happens to be gluten-free. It was delicious but way too salty and I found myself wondering if I should wait for the rice that would come with the curry, or order an additional serving of rice. Hubby said I should have known it would be salty - "salt" is in its name. I've had plenty of salt and pepper dishes before (mostly lobster), but this is the first time the salt overwhelmed me. However, the crab was very fresh and cleaned well so that I didn't taste anything out of the ordinary (i.e. guts, etc.). Good overall despite the salt.

Next came our fried Brussels Sprouts with fermented black beans and garlic ($8), which also happens to be gluten-free. Again, so good but so salty! While I usually don't like fermented black beans these were not overly fermented. I did like it, but again wished the rice would arrive.

Next came the Pad Thai (rice noodle, blue prawn, tofu, egg, toasted cashew, bean sprout, Thai basil - $16), also gluten-free (perfect for my dear friends, the three JBs). I know what you're thinking - how boring and ordinary. But this was truly my favorite dish of the night. While it was quite a small serving, the prawns were huge and perfectly cooked, the dish was balanced and not overly seasoned, and I loved the mingling of all of the flavors. While Pad Thai might be ubiquitous, it's not that easy to master. I LOVE this one!

Last came the Jungle Curry (Texas wagyu beef, red chili, baby corn, eggplant, peppercorn, coconut cream - $19) and rice! It was salty and SPICY! The beef was extremely tender and the dish itself was okay, but this is the kind of spice and heat that prevents you from actually being able to taste the food itself rather than the sauce.

Overall, I like Sway and especially its atmosphere. However, the food was too salty! If I were to do it again I would order rice with all of the dishes as only the curry came with rice. Additionally, it came last and the rice included wasn't enough to cut the salt on all the dishes.

I will be back to try some other dishes - and order rice from the beginning!

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