Saturday, April 8, 2017

Cafe Flora - Fremont, WA

Wow, I wanted to love Cafe Flora! A vegetarian restaurant with a fun hipster vibe, a self-serve coffee bar, and a cool fountain in the middle of the atrium room, I thought for sure the food would be out of this world!

We ordered beignets and a cinnamon roll to start. The beignets ($8 for 5) were so dense - not like the pastries of the south, which are much less dense and much lighter/full of air. The cinnamon roll ($5.75) was so dry! I was very disappointed! These are both naturally vegetarian so I'm not sure why they were so off! The Passion Fruit Mango Nog ($7) was fine, but nothing to rave about.

I ordered Vegan Biscuits and Gravy (housemade rosemary biscuits, vegan country gravy - $12), which I was so excited about. The collard greens were great, and the fried eggs were perfectly cooked, but these were seriously Ellie May Clampett's biscuits - hard as rocks. I couldn't believe it! Why offer so many delectables from the south if you can't deliver?! So sad.

While the atmosphere was friendly, our waiter also forgot several things for our table - a 5th table setting for my MIL and more water - WATER! He knew he had messed up by the time I had to ask for water refills.

Food isn't great and service is friendly but inconsistent. Cafe Flora, I want to love you - please take heed!

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