Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Numero 28 - Restaurant Review

Numero 28 is a restaurant that I frequent because it's convenient to my workplace. I like the food, but the service can be a little interesting sometimes. It's usually very good, but when your waiter is in a bad mood, he can spoil the entire evening.

When the restaurant first opened, I tried the Caesar Salad ($9) and Minestrone Soup ($5) and was underwhelmed by both of them - the lettuce in the salad had red edges as if it had been prepared several hours previously, and the soup just didn't have as many vegetables as I prefer in a Minestrone. I haven't tried them again - too many good versions in Austin to risk it.

The next time I dined at Numero 28, seven girlfriends and I ordered a three 29-inch pizzas (rectangular, $27 to $34 each) to share amongst ourselves, and they were pretty good. It's a decent place to stop in after work for a casual glass of wine and dinner, so we started making regular visits about once every couple of months.

One evening, our waiter pouted through our entire meal. It affected our experience so much that we ended up not going back to the restaurant for about 6 months.

However, my girlfriends and I returned last week after the long hiatus because we wanted to eat somewhere nearby. This is one of my favorite dishes at Numero 28 - the Arancina Vegetarian, which is a tomato rice ball featuring eggplant, mozzarella, basil, and tomato sauce ($10). There is also a meat version (Arancina Tradizionale - also $10) featuring saffron rice, Bolognese sauce, green peas, mozzarella, and basil. These are on the menu as appetizers, but one is filling enough to make a small meal. I also had a glass of house rosé ($8). After tax and tip, my bill was $23.

Numero 28 is generally friendly, delicious place on a fabulous block downtown. Swing by if you get a chance!

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