Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hopdoddy Burger Bar on Anderson Lane - Restaurant Review #2

My last review of this restaurant wasn't stellar. My turkey burger was way too salty, and the truffle fries were so salty they were in edible until I brushed off the truffle topping. 

However, this time I got the Buffalo Bill (bison, apple-smoked bacon, red leaf lettuce, white onion, beefsteak tomato - $10) and I loved it! I also love that Hopdoddy is willing to do a lettuce wrap instead of a bun, and omit all of the cheeses and sauces to make this a dairy-free option for me. Excellent all the way around, cooked perfectly (just slightly pink like I like it) and the small order of Kennebec Fries ($2.75) was perfect for two people.

Really enjoyed it and will probably come back for this particular burger again!

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