Saturday, October 8, 2016

Spoonbar - Restaurant Review

Spoonbar is one of those small plates you-love-it-or-you-don't places.


The restaurant is gorgeous! The spoon waterfall was amazing, and the decor was cool and contemporary.


I ordered this great glass of rosé - the Reeve Rosé of Pinot, Mendocino ($13 per glass), only to have the waiter spill it on me and my friend. He was very sweet and got me a new glass immediately. Poor guy!

We were immediately drawn to the Fried Brussels Sprouts Gratin with Lemon and Parmesan ($9). It was amazing!

Next came the Heirloom Tomato and Cucumber Salad ($13). It was good, but I could tell it wasn't a table favorite as much of it had to be passed around a few times.

Next came the Crispy Octopus with Warm Potato Salad, Pimento Aioli & Olive Vinaigrette ($19). Although I have to admit that octopus is hard to cook without burning or getting rubbery, Spoonbar did it right! Crispy and tender at the same time, this has been my favorite octopus on the continent to date! It still falls short of the grilled octo I had in Sydney before my Aunt's wedding. However, it was definitely my favorite dish on the menu.

The Roasted Bernier Farms Carrots (with prosciutto, brown butter egg yolk, and toasted walnut vinaigrette - $14) were great!

The black rice based chips that came with the Ahi Tuna Poke were so light, crunchy, and yummy! However, the poke itself (with scallions, mango puree, ginger & white soy vinaigrette - $16) was fresh and delicious but underwhelming for a Hawaiian girl expecting actual island-style poke. I know that "poke" means "cut into pieces," so technically the dish is named correctly. However, Hawaiian Poke is so well-known and loved, it would be better to change the name of this dish to reflect that it's NOT even derivative of traditional poke.

The Roasted Pepperonata (with Shishito and bell peppers, ricotta salata, greens onions, and pistachios - $9) was okay. I think we left a little bit in the dish.

I didn't order these, and probably wouldn't have if we were eating on our own. Braised Red Runner Beans (with stewed heirloom cherry tomatoes, chicories, and gremolata - $9).

Hubby loves chicken, so we ordered some for the table. This Lemon-Brined Rocky Jr. Organic Chicken (seared chicken breast, leg terrine, charred scallion relish, smoked turnips and roasted mushrooms - $26) was small but delicious.

CW ordered a pasta because she's not a particularly adventurous eater. She really enjoyed it. Pasta ranges from $17 to $21 a dish here.

This ravioli was also scrumptious, and I think we ate every bite!

Spoonbar's menu is pricey but extremely delectable. It's worth a visit if you're in Healdsburg!

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