Sunday, October 9, 2016

Barndiva - Healdsburg, CA

Barndiva is a modern, charming, elegantly rustic restaurant and venue nestled in the heart of Healdsburg. They specialize in weddings, and do them very well!

Upon arrival, wedding guests are offered water or lemonade from one of the outdoor bars. Women beware - all of the outdoor spaces (where the ceremony and dinner take place) are covered in gravel, so wear flats or wedges if possible, and be careful with any heels.

The couple makes their wedding vows on this sweet little set of stairs.

This beautiful fountain flows right next to the wedding terrace.

Guests are seated under gorgeous grapevines twinkling with a thousand lights.

Once the ceremony is over, guests head inside to the reception hall. Here, they have cocktails before heading to the back for dinner.

For this wedding, about 90 people were seated very comfortably in the outdoor dinner space.

Love this cool wire sculpture! Barndiva also features artwork in its indoor gallery.

Here is just one of the outdoor bars. So cute!

A view looking back to the barn. The wire sculpture is on the right, and the bar is on the left.

The exquisite table setting - crisp white linens are always so impressive! And there's my heavenly glass of rosé!

Butter leaf lettuce salad to start? Yes, please!

The herb-roasted filet mignon was just the right size and so perfectly cooked that it melted in my mouth.

And a final night shot - so lovely!

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