Saturday, October 8, 2016

Alexander Valley Vineyards, Healdsburg, CA

Alexander Valley Vineyards is so welcoming and helpful. We were looking to experience Healdsburg wine tastings on a budget so that we could splurge on our dinners, and this vineyard offers free tastings for up to 5 wines on their Estate Wine List.

I called ahead to verify the information, and asked about a picnic area where we might be able to enjoy some nibbles. The very nice staff member who answered the phone highly recommended we stop at Big John's Market on the way in so that we could pick up some gourmet cheese and bread for our picnic.

We did our tastings (I'll post those notes here as soon as I locate them!) and purchased a bottle of Alexander Valley Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon ($24), which we all liked best, then headed to the picnic area for a relaxing lunch.

The vineyard has three picnic tables tucked away behind some empty barrels next to the tasting room parking lot. The tables were deserted when we visited. So perfect! What a gorgeous day for wine tastings and picnics!

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