Monday, September 12, 2016

Underwood Rosé Wine (in a can!), Oregon - $6 per can

Sassy Wine Belly - Underwood Rosé Wine     Sassy Wine Belly - Underwood Rosé Wine

I can't believe it either. I've purchased wine in a can. And I LOVE IT!

I found this Underwood Rosé Wine at Trader Joe's for around $6 per can, which is equivalent to a half bottle. It was intriguing, and at only 12% alcohol, it's pretty mild and I thought it might be palatable.

I was wrong. This is downright delicious! Dry, light, fruity, so good! I love it and am going back for more!

This isn't my first dalliance with canned wine, but Sofia Coppola's Blanc de Blanc (sparkling white) in a can has had a faithful following for years - I've often brought it to places that don't allow glass. But a rosé in a can? I should never have doubted.


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