Thursday, September 29, 2016

Hai Ky - Restaurant Review

We loved Saigon Cafe and were sad to see it go a few years back. Enter Hai Ky, which several friends have tried and liked. I finally got a chance to try their lunch today.

The restaurant looks about the same, although everything looks a bit worn. The waiters are a little bit scruffy for my tastes (some of the men had uncombed hair and stubble), but they did their jobs just fine (not super friendly, but not unfriendly - no smiles).

Sassy Wine Belly - Hai Ky Vermicelli Bowl with Chopped Eggrolls

I ordered the Vermicelli Bowl with Chopped Eggrolls (all Vermicelli Bowls are $8.50 for lunch). It tasted good and was very filling. The ingredients seemed fresh and the eggrolls were warm and crispy. The fish sauce it came with tasted more like vinegar than fish sauce, but that's fine - each restaurant has their own recipe for the sauce.

Be aware that if you order the grilled chicken with your vermicelli as the hubby did, it's mostly dark meat.

This was a decent experience. They also have phở, which I'll try next time.

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