Sunday, August 21, 2016

Prelog's Brunch - Restaurant Review

Unfortunately, Prelog's is now temporarily closed, but I thought I'd post this review anyways as they are looking for a new location and hope to open soon.

The yummy brunch buffet includes tons of veggies, salads, cheese, and various seafoods and charcuterie for $39 per person. Mimosas are $6 a glass. 

If you order the buffet, you also get to choose à la carte from the menu at no extra charge! I added a Caesar Salad and Petite Filet. When you order à la carte in addition to the buffet, the portions are smaller - totally makes sense!

This was not a traditional Caesar Salad. There were no anchovies, and they usually don't include tomatoes. Even though it wasn't what I was expecting, it was tasty!

The Petite Filet was great - perfectly cooked and so tender. The fries were AMAZING - how do they get them so crispy?!

I'm looking forward to trying out Prelog's again in their new space!

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