Monday, August 1, 2016

Picnic Lunch at V. Sattui Winery - St. Helena, CA

We had such a wonderful picnic lunch at V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena today!

The winery's grounds boast tons of shady trees, picnic tables, and roses galore!

The winery also has a great gourmet marketplace right on site where cured meats, cheeses, and prepared foods such as salads, paninis, and dolmas can be purchased along with V. Sattui wines. I love that there is a tasting room in the marketplace so that you can try the wines before you buy. The service is really fantastic - everyone is so helpful and friendly. They open the wine for you at the registers and provide you with cups so that you can enjoy your purchase immediately!

I bought a couple of bottles of the winery's Dry Rosato 2014 ($23 a bottle) for our picnic. It was so refreshing and I loved the dark pink color! It went perfectly with my panini and the rest of the food.

I chose a chicken pesto panini ($10) and it was made to perfection! I loved the balance of all of the ingredients (chicken, veggies, sauce, bread) and it was just lightly grilled.

We also shared a ton of other foods such as dolmas (yum!), cheese with fig spread (double-yum!), and truffled mac and cheese (out of this world!).

We had such a great picnic at V. Sattui. Can't wait to go back! Can I just live here on the grounds? No, I'm serious - can I?

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