Saturday, August 6, 2016

E&O Kitchen and Bar - Restaurant Review

We entered San Francisco from the north as we traveled from Napa to the airport.

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, the fog descended on us. Forgot that it was Fogust in SF.

We arrived a little early for lunch, so we walked from E&O Kitchen and Bar to the Ferry Building. It was a lovely, energetic, chilly walk! So many people out and about, and so many vendors along Market Street.

I knew that I would love E&O Kitchen and Bar the moment I walked in. The sophisticated decor and excellent service are evident from the first moment.

The restaurant's Executive Chef, Sharon Nahm, chose all of our courses for us (how lucky are we?!!!). We began with the Coconut Curry Ceviche (local white fish, green curry, chilies, taro chips - $18). It was so delicious and perfectly balanced! I couldn't get enough of the taro chips, too - a taste of home!

We then had the Lamb Naan with cucumber raita and roasted tomato chutney ($11). I'm not a huge lamb fan, but this was cooked just to my liking and the sauces were so good that I couldn't choose a favorite!

The Butternut Squash Dumplings (with thai red curry lemongrass sauce and basil oil - $13) were tender and tasty. I could eat these forever!

The chef also ordered some rolls for us, both cooked and raw, and they were beyond delightful! If I weren't already so full and about to board a plane to be trapped in my seat for hours, I would have eaten more and taken the rest to go! These are apparently on their regular lunchtime menu for folks on the go, and I wish I lived close enough to take advantage of this offer because I'd do so everyday!

Thank you to Chef Nahm for the most incredible Saturday lunch I've ever had! You're the best!

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