Thursday, July 21, 2016

Truluck's- Restaurant Review #2

Loved my last visit to Truluck's so much that I had to come back again and share the experience with my sister!

This time, we tried a bunch of raw seafood dishes. The Featured Oysters (6 oysters on the half shell - $18) were small, sweet, slightly salty, and extremely fresh. I prefer mine with just lemon squeezed over them so that I can enjoy the full flavor of each bite. I did try the mignonette on one bite, and it was good. I still prefer just lemon.

We also ordered the Seared Albacore Sashimi (Seared cold water albacore tuna over arugula with mandarin oranges, spicy yuzu dona sauce and white soy - $12), which was served like a small salad. The fish was fresh and perfectly cooked, and the entire combination of flavors was lovely.

The Caesar Salad ($10) was a winner again - just like I remember it from last week. Every ingredient was fresh with just the right amount of dressing.

Behold the Fresh Crab Claw Platter ($59) - simply fantastic! Eight chilled and cracked claws were served with steamed asparagus and Parmesan mashed potatoes. Again, just a squeeze of lemon on each claw made every bite perfect! The sides added to the perfection.

Truluck's helped us celebrate our double birthdays with a Baked Alaska and a bowl of berries. The Baked Alaska is a stunning dessert, with meringue that tastes like a marshmallow cooked over a campfire, ready for a s'more.

And of course, since the restaurant asked about dietary limitations, they knew I couldn't enjoy the Baked Alaska (except for the meringue), so they brought me a fresh bowl of berries. I think they were slightly macerated with a tiny bit of sugar. A perfect way to finish our wonderful evening together!

Update: The next morning, I received another phone call from Truluck's making sure that we had an enjoyable evening. Wonderful follow up!

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