Saturday, July 23, 2016

In the Coconut - Restaurant Review #3

Back to my favorite food truck, In the Coconut. This time we went for weekend brunch, which was great because they serve tropical mimosas for free with your meal!

This time, in addition to ordering my favorite Tere's Taco ($3) and a side of Brussels Sprouts ($2.25), I also took a chance on the Pork Belly Musubi ($2.50).

While everything tasted great, the nori (roasted seaweed) wrap on the musubi gets a little tough to bite when it's steamed, so with the hot ingredients inside, it was a bit messy to try to eat. In Hawaii, musubi is served cold, which prevents the problem of the hard to tear nori. Not sure how this could be done at In the Coconut because they make everything when you order it (they don't make things ahead of time and let items sit until ordered), and pork belly is really better when it's warm. In any case, the flavor is great!

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