Sunday, July 24, 2016

Geraldine's - Restaurant Review

Geraldine's is gorgeous. The space is beautifully designed, and thought is put into every detail, including the water glasses, which I believe are Waterford (they are SO heavy and sparkly!).

Since my last visit, however, things have deteriorated. Instead of comping parking for a few hours if you are eating at the restaurant (which they did previously), the Hotel Van Zandt now charges $13 AN HOUR for valet parking (the only option, no self-parking available). Shocked and unwilling to fork out this amount of cash for parking at 11am on a Sunday morning, I found some public parking half a mile away at the MACC and made it back to the restaurant via the alley behind their dumpsters (smelly), wobbling on my heels (which I wore not expecting to have to trudge so far on foot) and dripping with sweat (thanks, Texas summer).

Once inside, I hoped things would get better. Lucky me, I was having brunch with SI, and that was fun! However, our service was inadequate. Our server was polite enough (just polite, not warm), but didn't know anything about the menu. We asked her several questions about different dishes we were interested in, and each time she said she would have to ask the chef. She was sure that the sauce that came with my Scotch Egg had cream in it, so I had her put it on the side. When a different server (he might have been a manager as he in a suit, not in the same uniform as the wait staff) brought the dish, I again asked what the sauce was made of, and he had to go ask the chef. He returned to announce that it was a carrot purée.

This was my third visit to Geraldine's, but my first time to try their brunch menu. I was happy with my meal (Scotch Egg in Duck Sausage - ~$12) and the prices at brunch are pretty average (~$10 to $20 per main dish). I also ordered a mimosa ($6), which was fine.

I'm not going to be rushing back to Geraldine's despite the gorgeous interiors and pretty good food. The cost of parking is astronomical at $13 per hour (not per visit). I just couldn't relax knowing that we would pay more for parking at brunch than for our food and drink combined. Other hotels, such as the JW Marriott on Congress, offer discounted valet parking for folks visiting their restaurants. HVZ should offer something comparable.

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