Tuesday, June 14, 2016

True Food Kitchen, Crudités and Fish Tacos - Restaurant Review

Yes, I was back at True Food Kitchen today celebrating the lovely SI's birthday!

First of all, the service at TFK continues to be excellent and very customer-centered. SI was running about 15 minutes late (which she never does!), and the hostesses at the restaurant held our reservation until she arrived - so sweet! Then, as we sat down, they brought over a high chair for her toddler and the waiter asked if he should bring food for the little ones while we decided on our meal. They clearly know what they are doing - kids turn into pumpkins if they have to wait too long for their food!

For our lunch, SI suggested the Chilled Farmers Market Crudités (with Tzatziki & black olive dip - $13). This was definitely my favorite dish! The veggies were blanched and served in ice so they were gorgeously saturated with color and refreshingly cool. The dips were thin - more like salad dressing. Apparently they used to be served a little thicker than this, so hopefully the restaurant returns to that texture because these watery dips were very challenging to eat - they slid right off the veggies!

We also ordered the Grilled Fish Tacos (with avocado, Greek yogurt, cilantro, pickled onion, Anasazi bean, Cotija cheese - $20) (pictured top center of photo). While they were fresh with very large pieces of fish, we didn't feel that they were worth $20. Perhaps some fresh pico de gallo or salsa on these would have improved them - they were less flavorful than expected. However, no pico or salsa came with the dish so we assumed that they weren't needed. And I still don't feel they would be worth $20.

As always, TFK serves fresh, healthy food. I'm inspired to prepare crudités at home for the hubby - I know he'd love it! I'll be back soon to try (and review) more fabulous food! Actually, my next reservation is for Saturday! Can't wait!

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