Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Peached Tortilla - Restaurant Review

Every once in a while, KH, JI and I get together for a ladies' night out. We always have so much fun!

I started with a glass of La Vida al Camp Cava, Spain ($8 per glass). It was perfect - dry, light, bubbly and absolutely refreshing. I chose it because I knew it would be food-friendly no matter what we ordered to eat.

The first bites that arrived were the Kimchi Arancini Balls (with roasted nori, wasabi, and Sriracha aioli - $7 for 4). We got these the last time we came and liked them enough to order them again. They were delicious, although they felt heavy and slightly greasy to me this time.

We also ordered tacos on corn tortillas (3 for $13). My Banh Mi Taco (Vietnamese braised pork belly, pickled daikon carrot, Sriracha mayo, cilantro) wasn't as good as the last time I had it, perhaps because of the proportion of pork belly to slaw.

We also ordered the Fried Chicken Dinner again (fried chicken - 2 thighs, 1 drumstick, 1 wing), a biscuit, roasted corn-on-the-cobb, kimchi, and southern greens - $15) and it was scrumptious and satisfying.

One of the managers offered us a free dessert  - the Matcha White Chocolate Mousse (with coconut tapioca and cashew brittle - usually $8).  Matcha is a finely-ground green tea powder. The dessert was absolutely fulfilling. We each managed to taste a few spoonfuls even though we were absolutely stuffed!

I wasn't as impressed with The Peached Tortilla this time as I had been last time. It could have been what we ordered. The menu has changed dramatically since its food truck days. I have to say the food truck menu was my absolute favorite. Their Banh Mi Tacos were so different than what they serve at the brick and mortar restaurant, and they offered Truffle Parmesan Fries - so fabulous!

I'll be returning to The Peached Tortilla in the future because I'd like to try some other things on the menu, and because they have plenty of parking (in front, in back, and across the street at Karavel Shoes) and very attentive service.

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