Friday, June 24, 2016

Juliet Ristorante - Restaurant Review 6/24

We met LC at Juliet for a quick bite before heading to the theater. This has become a favorite restaurant of mine since it opened in the old (slightly cheesy) Romeo's location on Barton Springs Road. 

Fortunately, Juliet is the absolute opposite of cheesy. The restaurant sports MCM decor and the wait staff is impeccably trained. The prices have increased since they first opened, but for the quality of food, service, and ambiance they provide, it's well worth it.

I ordered a glass of Domaine de Fontsainte Grenache Gris Rosé, Corbières, France ($14), and it was simply lovely! Fragrant, light, bright, refreshing, and food-friendly - exactly what I was craving!

For dinner I had the Fettucine e Vongole (littleneck clams in & out of shell, basil, white wine, Calabrese chili, Reggiano butter - $24). The dish was small but very delicious, with the breadcrumbs offering a wonderful crunchy texture to balance out the chewy noodles and clams.

Previously, I've also enjoyed the Lasagne al Forno - (spinach pasta, Bolognese, Besciamella - $21), which is rich and hearty.

Go try Juliet if you haven't already! I've heard that they have a fabulous brunch, too - can't wait!

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