Sunday, June 19, 2016

Antonelli's Cheese Shop - Review

Antonelli's is a cheese-lover's paradise! This compact, friendly store has a huge, beautifully-curated selection of not just the most fantastic cheeses, but also the most wonderful nibbles and sips from around the world, including charcuterie, olives, wine, beer, ale, spreads, crackers, and probably more that I've neglected to mention.

The great thing about the shop is that you can try a bite of literally any cheese in the refrigerated display. ANY of them!

Being lactose intolerant, aged hard cheeses are best for my belly. I chose this 10 year Cheddar from Wisconsin and it tasted amazing! While maintaining a sharp character, it was also nutty and smooth - not extremely mouth-puckering or bitter as I've tasted with other aged Cheddars (namely a 3 year Cheddar which I purchased just once from Costco). At $40 per pound this is a pricey cheese, so I bought just a tiny bit of it.

I'm planning on making a Caprese salad this week with homegrown basil and heirloom tomatoes, so I picked up some of this fresh Maplebrook Mozzarella. Can't wait to try it and will post an update when I do! Update - this cheese made a wonderful Caprese salad! See my blog post and recipe here.

Also purchased some Parmigiano. The cheesemonger told me that is should only be kept for a month in the fridge before its taste starts to deteriorate. I had no idea, as most Parmigianos I've seen have expiration dates several months in the future. I'll start purchasing smaller portions so that I can use up the cheese within a month. Will also post an update when we get a chance to actually taste it.

What's not to love about Antonelli's? Fun, friendly, fit for foodies - it's perfect!

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