Sunday, May 22, 2016

Titaya's Thai Cuisine - Restaurant Review

Finally took my love here for date night, and it was awesome! The restaurant is modern and clean, and the service is friendly and attentive.

We started with a Leafy Shrimp Roll ($5), a bottle of Singha Beer ($4.50), and a glass of Pinot Noir ($9; I think it was Nobilo). The order came with two rolls that were cut in half. The peanut sauce was refreshing, and the very nice waitress left it with us just in case we wanted to use it with the rest of our dinner.

We ordered the Pad Thai with Shrimp ($11.50) and the Pad Ka Prao with Chicken Breast ($10). They were served with one order of white rice, although we needed another to finish dinner. Both dishes were fresh and delicious. The shrimp were plump and perfectly cooked. All of the flavors were fantastic together.

There was just enough food for dinner and we were both very full! No leftovers, but we also didn't order dessert. For all three dishes and two drinks each, the bill was just over $60 including tax and tip. Highly recommend!

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