Saturday, May 21, 2016

Quinoa and Kale - Recipe

I love kale and keep finding different ways to serve it - roasted, stir-fried, mixed into other dishes such as guacamole. I also love quinoa, and the combination of the two seemed like a fun way to replace rice in a meal. I was sold after my mom served this for dinner one night - yum!

  • olive oil
  • 1 pound kale
  • 3 cups quinoa
  • 2 cups organic low sodium stock or filtered water
  • sea salt and freshly-ground pepper to taste

  1. stir fry the kale in the olive oil until it is wilted and bright green
  2. separately, prepare the quinoa (if the ratio of liquid to dried quinoa is different than above, follow the instructions on your package)
  3. combine the two and season to taste with the salt and pepper

Since I was serving this with teriyaki Mahimahi I added some of the teriyaki sauce to the quinoa and kale to give it a little more moisture and a complimentary flavor.

This recipe made at least 6 large servings. Enjoy!

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