Friday, October 30, 2015

Gourdough's Public House on 5th - Restaurant Review

Went to this Gourdough's location on October 30th during the midst of the Halloween rains. The floor of the bar area was covered in at least an inch of water - so disgusting!

The food that our friends ordered was almost inedible, especially the donuts. One friend ordered a salad and couldn't eat the donut - it was too heavy and greasy. Another friend ordered a veggie burger and couldn't eat any of it after the first bite - said it was one of the worst he had ever had, especially the patty itself. I ordered a dessert donut and it was practically raw inside.

Very disappointed.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Daito - Restaurant Review

Daito is like a little slice of Japan. The family that runs the restaurant is from Osaka, and they are as polite and considerate as the people that I met when I visited Osaka this summer. They have been overrun since their fabulous review in the Austin Chronicle.

I really enjoyed my Niku Udon (beef noodle soup). However, my husband wanted the curry udon and the restaurant had run out, so he ordered the Champon Udon (chicken) and said it was too sweet for his taste. Also, I had about a third of my meal leftover, but the restaurant doesn't allow you to take the noodles as leftovers (because the noodles get soggy), so my husband and I slowly finished them. Other restaurants such as Shabu will separate the noodles from the soup so that they don't get soggy and you can still take them as leftovers. Daito should consider this option.

Parking is also challenging until you figure out where you can park (not in the lot immediately adjacent to the restaurant, but on the side streets behind the restaurant west of Guadalupe). A wonderful experience overall!