Friday, October 30, 2015

Gourdough's Public House on 5th - Restaurant Review

Went to this Gourdough's location on October 30th during the midst of the Halloween rains. The floor of the bar area was covered in at least an inch of water - so disgusting!

The food that our friends ordered was almost inedible, especially the donuts. One friend ordered a salad and couldn't eat the donut - it was too heavy and greasy. Another friend ordered a veggie burger and couldn't eat any of it after the first bite - said it was one of the worst he had ever had, especially the patty itself. I ordered a dessert donut and it was practically raw inside.

Very disappointed.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Daito - Restaurant Review

Daito is like a little slice of Japan. The family that runs the restaurant is from Osaka, and they are as polite and considerate as the people that I met when I visited Osaka this summer. They have been overrun since their fabulous review in the Austin Chronicle.

I really enjoyed my Niku Udon (beef noodle soup). However, my husband wanted the curry udon and the restaurant had run out, so he ordered the Champon Udon (chicken) and said it was too sweet for his taste. Also, I had about a third of my meal leftover, but the restaurant doesn't allow you to take the noodles as leftovers (because the noodles get soggy), so my husband and I slowly finished them. Other restaurants such as Shabu will separate the noodles from the soup so that they don't get soggy and you can still take them as leftovers. Daito should consider this option.

Parking is also challenging until you figure out where you can park (not in the lot immediately adjacent to the restaurant, but on the side streets behind the restaurant west of Guadalupe). A wonderful experience overall!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Shake Shack South Lamar - Restaurant Review

I ordered a single hamburger at Shake Shack on South Lamar for lunch and it tasted fine - not extraordinary. I ended up being sick about an hour after lunch. My husband and I had eaten the same dinner the previous night, as well as the same breakfast that morning, so the only thing that could have caused it was the burger because I went to lunch with friends and without the hubby.

I much prefer P. Terry's chicken burgers.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Italic - Restaurant Review

Austin's newest Italian restaurant opened recently on 6th St. Italic featured wonderful service, good food, and an energetic atmosphere.

The service was friendly from beginning to end. Our server Alex was warm and attentive. The staff seemed to work as a well-oiled team - impressive for such a new restaurant.

The wine and beer selections were plentiful, and I appreciated that all of the wine was from Italy. I ordered a glass of Vietti Tre Vigne Barbera d'Asti 2011 ($8/glass), which complimented my food nicely.

We ordered the Fregola & Shellfish ($18 for the full serving), Cherry Tomato Pizza ($13), and a side of Brussels Sprouts with balsamic and shallots ($6). Fregola is like Israeli couscous, and absorbed the flavors of the clams and mussels in my dish. I actually would have also preferred some other types of shellfish (shrimp, perhaps) to add a bit of texture, but I did enjoy my entree.

My husband ordered the Cherry Tomato Pizza, and it came out half charred (didn't love that). It also had quite a bit of lemon zest on it, which was so overpowering that the pizza tasted mildly like bathroom cleaner. He says that the beer he ordered, the Founders Porter ($5/glass), did not go well with his pizza - if he could do it over he would have ordered an IPA or a pale ale. We took half of the pizza home and it actually tasted pretty good a few nights later after the taste of lemon zest had softened.

We both love roasted Brussels sprouts. These were charred and drenched in balsamic, so much so that they tasted burnt and were not as crispy as we expected. They were ok, but we would have preferred them with less balsamic and a slightly lighter roasting.

This is a nice restaurant with great service, high quality food, an interesting menu, and a lively atmosphere. I look forward to seeing how the restaurant evolves.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Corner Restaurant in the new JW Marriott Austin - Restaurant Review
Corner was pretty good. The decor is lovely, the food was great, and the service was very friendly. I liked my short ribs a lot, and I was able to sub the Brussels sprouts for the grits. The rest of our group enjoyed their ribs, tacos, and burgers. Overall a nice experience. Seems like the waiters all just moved here, as they were unfamiliar with Austin.