Sunday, October 5, 2014

Satellite Bistro & Bar - Restaurant Review

One of the worst brunch experiences we've ever had.

The table and chairs were dirty with food residue, even though they had just been cleared.

It took almost 30 minutes and at least 3 requests to get menus. We had begun looking up the menu on our phones when they finally arrived.

After we signaled to the waitress that we were ready to order, it took her another 15 minutes to return to take our order. She apologized and said that they were short staffed. At that point it had been 45 minutes since we sat down.

We requested that the fruit come out first for my 1 year old nephew, since he was starving and having a meltdown. They brought the strawberries out but tried to give them to another mom with a baby. As soon as I saw her shrug and say, "Sure, I guess we'll take them," I intercepted the fruit and brought it to our table. She acknowledged that she had not ordered it.

Two of the four napkins brought to our table had food residue, as did two of the four appetizer plates.

An hour and fifteen minutes after we sat down, our food arrived. The truffle Parmesan fries were limp and hardly had a hint of truffles. My husband's migas had been sitting under a heat lamp for a while. My chicken wraps arrived with some rotten and cold-damaged lettuce leaves, as well as a hair on the plate.

The only pleasant things about the experience were the live music by Combo Mahalo and the weather outside on the patio. We won't be returning to this restaurant.