Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Austin Wine Merchant - Copain Wine Cellars Tasting

The general manager of Copain Wines, Tony McClung, hosted this tasting at the Austin Wine Merchant. It featured the winery's Tous Ensemble line, which literally means "the gathering" or "all together" and less literally refers to "the drinking buddies." All of these wines are 100% varietals, and are crafted to be low in alcohol content. I knew there was a reason that I really like these wines!

Copain "Tous Ensemble"
Viognier 2009, Mendocino County, CA - $19.99
This wine is from the McDowell Valley in Mendocino County, which is not an official AVA yet, but probably will be soon according to Tony.

Aroma - light fruit, minerals
Taste - light fruit, minerals, dry, good acid

I love this wine!

Copain "Tous Ensemble"
Pinot Noir 2009, Anderson Valley, CA - $27.50
I first tasted this wine a couple of months ago when a friend brought a bottle to my birthday, and I immediately loved it.

Aroma - smooth red fruit
Taste - smooth red fruit, minerals, light black tea, soft tannins

I love this wine, too! See my previous tasting notes for this wine.

Copain "Tous Ensemble"
Syrah 2009, Mendocino County, CA - $23.75
This wine is from the Yorkville Highlands AVA, but the wine's label says Mendocino County because of a misprint.

Aroma - dark fruit
Taste - dark fruit, spicy, smoky, moderate tannins, super dark cocoa finish

Pretty good for a Syrah!

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