Thursday, July 21, 2011

Royal Blue Thursday Wine Tasting - Cinquante-Cinq Sauvignon Blanc 2010, Durigutti Bonarda 2008, and Vidigal Dão 2005

Today's Royal Blue wine tasting included white and red wines as well as cheese!

Dos Lunas cheese is made from raw milk and aged for at least two moons (60 days), which is the minimum aging time required in the US for unpasturized milk products. The cheesemaker is lactose intolerant and says that he can eat this cheese no problem. Having the same dietary limitation, I decided to try a few samples.
  • Classico 60 days - okay
  • Cheddar 60 days - one of my favorites
  • Seared especial - another favorite - excellent!
  • Caraway seed cheddar - aged one year
  • Black pepper cheddar - aged one year, another favorite

Kelly from Serendipity Wines served the wines at the tasting today. I enjoyed them all!

Cinquante-Cinq Sauvignon Blanc 2010, France - $11.99

Aroma - light citrus, grassy
Taste - light citrus, dry

A nice - perfect for summer!

Durigutti Bonarda 2008, Mendoza, Argentina - $14.99

See this wine's main page for the updated tasting notes.

Vidigal Dão 2005, Portugal - $10
This wine was rated 88 points by Wine Spectator.

Aroma - dark fruit
Taste - dark fruit, moderate tannins, a little wood

A good wine - like it!

A nice wine and cheese tasting overall! And of course the snacks that Royal Blue provided were AWESOME - prosciutto and cantaloupe/blueberries. Yum!

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