Sunday, January 16, 2011

Syrah Tasting at JG's

JG loves to hold blind tastings of varietals - he usually chooses two wines that have vastly different prices and puts them in paper bags so that we don't know which one is the most expensive.

This time, the two wines he purchased were not so different in price, but they were very different in taste.

Melville Verna's Estate Syrah 2009, Santa Barbara County, CA - $20

Aroma - dark fruit, smoky, a little hot
Taste - dark fruit and cranberries, smoky, moderate tannins, strong black tea and tobacco, a little tart

This Syrah is probably fine as far as Syrahs go. It's not my favorite wine, but I'm also not a huge Syrah fan. Syrah drinkers will probably like this wine just fine. And at 14.9% alcohol, it's no wonder this wine smelled a little hot, another big turnoff for me.

Boom Boom! Syrah 2008, Washington State - $15

Aroma - dark fruit, smoky
Taste - dark fruit, smoky, soft tannins, tobacco, very smooth

A much nicer wine than the first - everyone agreed even before we opened the bags! This is a nice wine as far as Syrahs go, and it was the less expensive of the two.

These Syrahs were not particularly food friendly. They went fine with the olive tapenade, cheese, and steak, but overpowered the hummus and the sea bass. But it was a fun experiment nonetheless, and I've actually found a Charles Smith wine (Boom Boom!) that I like!

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