Saturday, February 26, 2011

Austin Wine Merchant Tasting - J. Christopher Wines

J. Christopher is actually Jay Christopher Somers, considered one of the best winemakers in Oregon. After tasting his wines today at the Austin Wine Merchant, I have to agree that he is an extremely talented and passionate winemaker.

J. Christopher Sauvignon Blanc 2009, Willamette Valley, Oregon - $19.99
This wine is quite a nice surprise for an Oregon Sauvignon Blanc. It has the tropical fruit flavors of an SB that is grown in a much warmer location.

Aroma - tropical fruit, a tiny bit of saline
Taste - tropical fruit, slight salinity, good acid

A nice wine!

J. Christopher Pinot Noir 2008 Unfiltered, Willamette Valley, Oregon - $27.50
This Pinot Noir is very nice. It's bright and everything you'd expect from a good quality PN, but is a little more complex than many that are less expensive.

Aroma - bright cherries, a little spice, a really really nice bouquet!
Taste - bright cherries, a little spice, soft minerals, soft tannins

I really like this wine!

Update - November 19, 2011
Staff at AWM say that this is a more feminine style of winemaking than the next wine. Nice!

J. Christopher Pinot Noir Dundee Hills Cuvée 2008 Unfiltered, Oregon - $35
I liked this Pinot even more than the last one!

Aroma - bright cherries, Jolly Rancher, light spice
Taste - subtle red fruit, nice minerality and acid, really beautiful

I really, really liked this wine! It was just so beautiful!

Update - November 19, 2011
More masculine style than the wine above, more oak. Nice, definitely more wood. This time I like the previous one better!

J. Christopher Pinot Noir Sandra Adele 2008 Unfiltered, Dundee Hills, Oregon - $42.50
This wine was different than the last but just as good. The vineyard is named after Jay's mother - so sweet!

Aroma - bright cherries, a little spice
Taste - subtle fruit and minerals, very soft tannins, nice complexity, really beautiful

These last two wines were my absolute favorite of the tasting today. I'll definitely be purchasing them in the future!

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