Monday, November 8, 2010

Cellaring Wine

You don't really have to have a cellar or basement to "cellar" your wine.

I've had a hard time keeping wine for longer than a few months when it's there everytime I open my wine fridge. I live in a small downtown condo, so I really don't have room to build a dedicated wine cellar. But I found a solution tonight!

I have a ton of stackable plastic boxes that I use to organize my things - office supplies, art supplies, etc.

I also have a little space in the far corner of my closet floor that isn't really practical to reach on a regular basis, so I don't store any clothing there.

Solution - place four bottles of wine in each storage container and put them in the hard-to-reach corner of the closet!

Voila! Instant improvised wine cellar! Love it!

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