Friday, October 29, 2010

Royal Blue Tasting - Graziano Family Wines

Another fun Thursday wine tasting at Royal Blue last night. Rae from New Vintage Wines was pouring the Graziano Sauvignon Blanc 2009 and the Graziano Zinfandel 2006. Both are from Mendicino, California.

The Sauvignon Blanc retails for $11.99/bottle at Royal Blue. Rae says that it is fermented in stainless tanks and aged in neutral oak.

Aroma - apples
Taste - apples, good acid, not as super-crisp as some others, slightly bitter finish

An okay wine at a very reasonable price. Would definitely purchase it but it wouldn't be my very first choice.

I've tasted this vintage of this wine before - see the updated tasting notes on this wine's main page!

Rae and I talked at length about different importers of reasonably-priced boutique wines, and she mentioned a couple of importers of Italian wines - John Givens and Vinaio. Will have to look for their wines!

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