Monday, October 25, 2010

Casa Zuliani Cabernet Franc 2006, Isonzo del Friuli, Italy - $32

Yesterday after the Downtown Living Tour we stopped at Crú - A Wine Bar for a splash of wine and nibbles. This Italian Cabernet Franc is 100% Cab Franc from DOC Isonzo del Friuli. It retails for $32/bottle at Crú and can be found online for $12/bottle.

Aroma - black currant
Taste - black fruit, tea, moderate tannins

We had this wine with steamed mussels in white wine/butter/garlic, a Margherita pizza, and a pear and Gorgozola pizza. The wine went well with everything, and on Sundays there is a 30% discount on bottles at this wine bar, which is always nice considering the average markup.

A side note on the pizzas - they were tiny for the price ($12 - 15/pizza the size of a salad plate), and the Margherita left a lot to be desired. The pear and Gorgonzola did taste great, but I probably won't purchase it here again.

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