Saturday, October 30, 2010

Austin Wine Merchant Tasting - Spanish Wine

Today at Austin Wine Merchant a Spanish wine importer, Askari O.H. LLC, featured four different wines from various regions in Spain.

Castillo de Maetierra Libalis 2009 from Rioja is a white wine blend of 90% Muscat a petits grains (Apianae), 5% Viura, and 5% Malvasía. It retails for $13.75/bottle at AWM.

Aroma - lychees, very sweet
Taste - lychees, sweet, very nice finish

A very yummy wine!

Hacienda López de Haro Crianza 2006 from Rioja is 85% Tempranillo, 8% Graciano, and 7% Garnacha. It retails for $14.99/bottle at AWM. The importer was very knowledgeable about the production of each wine - this one happens to be aged in old oak for around a year, which allows it to be labeled "Crianza."

Aroma - black cherries, spice
Taste - black cherries, spice, black tea, moderate tannins

This wine tasted fresh and interesting. I would definitely consider purchasing it.

The labels on these bottles are really fun - the youngest man on the label indicates that this is the youngest wine of the series, and the oldest man on the label indicates that his is the oldest wine of the series. Today I tasted the bottle on the left and the one in the middle.

On the far left is Matsu El Picaro 2009 from Toro. It is 100% Tempranillo and earned 90 points from Wine Advocate. It retails for $17.50/bottle at AWM. This wine is sourced from vines that are 60 - 80 years old, the youngest in this vineyard. It is aged in new French oak for six weeks.

Aroma - red and black fruit, spice
Taste - red and black fruit, tons of spice and tea, moderate tannins

This wine is okay - a bit too young for my tastes, but other might like it a lot. On to the label with the middle-aged man!

In the middle is Matsu El Recio 2007 from Toro, which is also 100% Tempranillo and retails for $27.50 at AWM. It contains 14.5% alcohol, but doesn't smell or taste hot. It is sourced from 100-year-old vines and aged in French oak for 14 months.

Aroma - dark fruit, vanilla
Taste - dark fruit, vanilla, tobacco, moderate tannins, quite a bit of wood

This is an okay wine for this price - a little too much vanilla for me, but others might like it.

I didn't taste wine on the far right from the bottle with the oldest man on it - it will be the oldest vintage (2006?) from the oldest vines in the vineyard.

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