Monday, July 19, 2010

Four Vines Old Vine Cuvee Zinfandel 2007, California - $11.25

The fruit for this California Zinfandel is apparently sourced from many of the top Zinfandel appellations in the state. I purchased it for $11.25 at the Austin Wine Merchant.

Aroma - at first a little earth (mushroom?), then fruit and spice, a little hot
Taste - tangy fruit, tobacco, a little spice, soft tannins, a nice finish

A pretty good wine! It's quite high in alcohol content (14.8%), so while it smelled a little hot it didn't overwhelm me with the taste of alcohol.

I also decided to try this wine aerated with my new fun toy!

Aroma aerated - fruit and spice (not hot at all)
Taste aerated - fruit, spice, soft tobacco, soft tannins, nice finish

It seemed to taste a little rounder with the aeration, but that could all be the power of suggestion. I'm going to have to ask D to help me with a blind tasting at some point - aerated vs. non-aerated.

In any case, this is a nice wine for the price, and you know I love my Zins! It does have a screw cap, and until everyone is educated about the advantages of screw caps, probably best not to give this one as a gift or bring it to dinner unless you know the recipient and you know they won't mind. I like this wine!

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