Friday, December 18, 2009

Bowling Alley Wine - Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 - $4 per single-serve bottle

I can't believe that I actually drank wine at a bowling alley and lived to tell about it. I even ate food (chicken tacos) and survived!

Let me preface this by describing my last glass of wine at a sporting venue - a glass of red from a box at an Austin Ice Bats game in the late 1990's - indescribably sick for the next few hours - never drinking wine (esp. from a box) at this type of venue again.

Enter the Dart Bowl. Wasn't too sure about the possibility of alcoholic refreshments at this establishment (as I don't drink beer or hard liquor, and experience warned me away from any type of wine, as it was most likely spoiled if already opened - I mean, how many people drink wine at bowling alleys)?

But when I went up to the bar, I was pleasantly surprised at the new/unopened individual-sized bottle the bartender held up. Although it was Sutter Home, which I can probably buy at the supermarket for about $6 per 750ML bottle, this little 187 ML bottle of Cab Sauv at only $4 per serving seemed positively radiant next to the other possibilities. I had a couple of glasses (well, plastic cupfuls) with nachos and french fries (some with chili-cheese on them), then had the third glass with my chicken n' chilies soft tacos, refried beans, and rice.

Aroma - fruit
Taste - watery, weak tannins

Far from ideal, but drinkable in a pinch!

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