Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Siduri Van Der Kamp Vineyard Sonoma Mountain Pinot Noir 2007 - $19.99

This was the third of five wines we tasted tonight at the Austin Wine Merchant. I'm not a huge Pinot Noir fan because I like red wines with more body than Pinots usually have. Also, I find that most of the PNs that I like are at least $20, and the ones that I really really like are usually closer to $40. I really love lots of reds that are in the $10 - $20 range, so why spend the extra for a varietal that I only like equally or less?

Aroma - light, red fruit, initially a scent of caramel
Taste - peppery, bitter fruit, green/young (JS also thought it was woodsy, and Mel liked it a lot)

I didn't love this wine, and the more I drank it the less I liked it. I probably won't be spending the money for this Pinot.

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