Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nine Stones McLaren Vale Shiraz 2007, Australia - $10

I purchased this Shiraz for Mel (because her favorite red wine is Syrah) for our SYTYCD viewing last night. While I like Shiraz/Syrah, I tend to like the ones that are blended with CS instead of those that are 100% Shiraz/Syrah.

Here are Mel's tasting notes - she thought it tasted good but smelled better (that the aroma was clean and kind of honeyed). I think she said that she just wanted to crawl into the glass with it when she smelled it - is that right, Mel?

Here are my tasting notes - I thought it had aromas of smoke, and tasted like tobacco with a green bite and a short finish. It was only slightly tannic to my palate.

Not sure I'd get this Shiraz again even though it was rated 90 points on Wine Spectator, which is why I purchased it. I also LOVED the label - one of my favorites! This wine was $10 at Costco, and I think it goes for around $12 to $15 elsewhere.

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