Saturday, August 15, 2009

WineWise, a great reference book by the Culinary Institute of America!

Being an infoholic, of course I've been reading as much as I can about wines! I just picked up this fabulous book at the library called WineWise, by the wine experts at the CIA! And it's not just fabulous, it's FANTABULOUS! It's very easy-to-read - none of that fancy-shmancy jargonny talk unless they define it first. It's so engaging, it's making me want to try more white wines!

For instance, I'd been pre-warned about Chardonnays, especially CA Chards, by a good friend. However, according to WineWise (p. 23), it turns out that I might in fact want to try a Chilean Chard from the Casablanca area, as they are richly-balanced and not too oaky. I might also enjoy a New Zealand Chardonnay from the Gisborne area (think peaches and melon), or perhaps the Hawke's Bay region (lime and grapefruit flavors), or even the Marlborough area (juicy, tropical fruit, fresh, crisp)! Chards from Southeastern Australia are full of tropical fruit and are easily drinkable, and best of all, cost around $10! Let's try more whites!

One thing I absolutely LOVE about this book is that the authors state on p. 14 "One thing we want to emphasize up front is that most of the wines we buy for personal use are under $15 a bottle, and in many cases under $10." How fantastic is that?! That means that this new obsession of mine doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, because I really do want to keep all of my limbs!

I'd write more but have to get to the gym to work off a little of this wine belly. You know the more I exercise, the more wine I can taste! ;)

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