Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WineWise again - Sauvignon Blanc

Read a little more of the book, WineWise (see 1st WineWise entry below). Found out some interesting things about Sauvignon Blanc, the wine I first tried on Friday (see the entry).

According to the CIA wine experts, SBs have high acidity and the aroma and flavor of green apples, green grapes, green herbs, and green bell pepper - it other words, it's a green wine! (WineWise p. 24)

New Zealand SBs tend to tast like lime, kiwi, honeydew melon, and tropical fruits like guavas, papayas, and passion fruit - sort of like fruit salad in a glass (WineWise p. 25). Funny, because on Friday I really did think that I was drinking a glass of fruit salad! The book also says that NZ SBs are food-friendly, fun, uncomplicated, and great with spicy foods, especially Asian and Latin American cuisine - awesome! If you know me, you know how I like everything really straightforward - no pretense, no guessing. WW goes on to say that the best example of SB are from the grapes grown in the Marlborough region of NZ - most are around $10, but even the best are sometimes available for $15 - $20! Woohoo! That Kim Crawford SB was really good, and it's fun to know that it might be one of those great examples of the wine varietal!

Apparently Australia has easy-to-find SBs for under $10, and again the best are under $20. Also, Chile, of all places, has SBs similar to CA, and bargain-priced gems from the Casablanca region - that should be easy to remember! And apparently, Italy has one of the best examples of elegant but hard-to-find examples of SB from the Fruili-Venezia Guilia region - it's usually labeled just "Sauvignon" (WineWise p. 26)

More on white wines in the next journal entry!!

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