Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jose Maria Da Fonseca Domini Douro Red Wine 2004 - $11

This is a wine that I've had several times. It's rated at around 90 in one of the large wine expert publications (according to the sign posted above it at Costco), and I always wonder if I'm going to like the wine as much as the wine expert does!

I often think that it's a good thing to pair wines and foods according to location - having Italian wine with Italian food, etc. Well, we didn't have Portuguese food tonight, but the wine was still really nice. Same menu as the posting below, because it was the same meal (Mexican casserole and spinach salad).

Don't really know what blend of varietals makes this wine - it seems quite dark and robust, but not as full-bodied as my usual favorite, Cab Sauv. It was fruity but not sweet, and not very bitter either. We served it slightly chilled, drank it prior to dinner, and finished the bottle during dinner. I have to admit that the first glass tasted fruitier than when we paired the wine with the food. The wine complimented the salad's vinaigrette nicely (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, bacon dripping, and pepper), and was also acidic enough to cut through the meatiness and cheesiness (is that a word?) of the casserole.

Again, because of the wonderful company and lively conversation, I just didn't pay enough attention to the less apparent nuances of the wine. Will have to concentrate more next time!

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