Saturday, August 29, 2009

La Nebbia Winery, Half Moon Bay, CA - wine tasting

Our first stop in Northern California was to visit some great friends in San Carlos! They took us to La Nebbia Winery, where we tasted 9 wines for $6. Here are some quick tasting notes:

2005 Sauvignon Blanc, Monterey - $14.95 (fermented in stainless steel)
To me, this wine tasted light, fresh, dry, sunny, and citrusy. D thought this wine smelled like Cheddar (cheese?!) - go figure! I liked it!

2005 Chardonnay, Napa Valley - $18.95 (aged in oak)
This wine smelled fruity and tasted medium-bodied. CM thought it had a very blunt taste. All of us agreed that we didn't prefer Chardonnay. I think I've come to the conclusion that I personally prefer SB over Chard.

Nebbia Sparkling Wine - $13.95
I'm not a huge fan of Champagne or Sparkling Wine, so no surprise that I found this wine soapy-smelling. D thought it was too sweet. I've had SWs that I've liked - I think they are usually dry.

2004 Nebbia Sangiovese, Sonoma County - $22.95
This Sangiovese had a light aroma of strawberry jam, a dry finish, and flavors of fruit, tobacco, and chocolate (slightly bitter, but in a nice way). It was good.

2005 Merlot, Russian River - $29.95
I'm not a huge Merlot fan (and not because of Sideways), but I do like some, and it can help mellow the flavors of some other varietals. This Merlot had aromas of fruit - in fact, tons of fruit, as well as some brackish water (again, I'm not an anti-Merlot snob!). It tasted of black cherry and chocolate, but no sign of the brackish water in the mouth! Yay! But, still not my favorite wine.

2004 Zinfandel, Mendocino - $22.95
The aroma of this Zin is spicy with green herbs - the word vegetal came to mind, and it intrigued me! The wine tasted of jam and spice, and had a lot of tannins and a dry finish. CM noted that he thought the wine was "tuberous." I actually think he's making fun of me! ;) I did like this wine!

2004 Cabernet Blend, Santa Cruz Mountains - $24.95 (70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot)
This Cab blend had aromas of soil and tons of black fruit. It tasted fruity and something else I couldn't quite put my finger on. It had a really nice dry finish, which I loved!

2006 Orange Muscat - $32.95
I do love some dessert wines, especially Muscat and Ice Wines. This wine had aromas of peach iced tea and oranges. It tasted sweet, like apricots. I liked it a lot!

2006 Black Muscat - $21.95
This Muscat was one of the best dessert wines I've ever tasted. It's also the first I've had that is made from red wine, but is not a Port. Its aroma was of raspberry iced tea. I thought it tasted floral, kind of like rose blossoms. I'd have to be in the right mood to drink this, but I did like it!

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