Sunday, August 16, 2009

Belle Glos Pinot Noir, Las Alturas Vineyard 2007, Santa Lucia Highlands, Monterey County

GORGEOUS! First of all, I absolutely LOVE the look of this bottle - absolutely sleek and seductive!!!

No price on this one because I received it as a gift, and then we had it again tonight at MS and SD's place. In fact, the first bottle I received was also from MS and SD - they have fabulous taste!

This is hands down the best Pinot Noir I've ever had. It's remarkably light and refreshing, and although we broke all the rules about drinking lighter wines first and heavier wines later, I thought this went so well with SD's homemade banana pudding for dessert!

Again, I was distracted by the wonderful company and chatter, so I didn't really taste this wine as deeply as I should have. But trust me - it's FABULOUS and so easy-to-drink (maybe too easy-to-drink!)! I'll have to bring my notebook with me the next time I go to dinner - otherwise this journal will just be a long string of apologies for not remembering my notes about each wine!

Update - March 12, 2010
Found this wine online with a retail price of $50 per the winery's corporate site. It was rated 88 points by Wine Spectator.

Aroma - tart cherry, a little hot
Taste - tart fruit, soft tannins

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